Mentor Quizzes

See links to the peer mentor quizzes from the sessions. To refresh your memory as to the lessons learned, you may review the videos or PowerPoint presentations here,


Mentees and Peer Mentors are expected to complete at least 75% of sessions in person. The other 25% can be made up by completing the session quizzes. However, anyone who misses more than 25% of the sessions in person will need to participate in the next series of training in order to complete the program.

  • Quiz 1 and 2:

    The art of eliciting an individual's motivation to change specific negative behavour. Mindset Training. Growth Mindset for Mentors Part 2

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  • Quiz 3:

    OARS is a simple but comprehensive model of Communication that provides a framework for assessment and reflection aimed at improving our skills.

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  • Quiz 4:

    Reflective Listening skills in Details

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  • Quiz 5:

    Session 5

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